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The Road to Financial Stability


United Way of York County has a Bold Goal to help 3,000 York County families achieve financial stability by 2030.

As with any goal, we have short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes that we hope to achieve. As a first step in preparing families for financial stability, we are focusing this year on our short-term outcomes. These include new knowledge or skills about financial stability, including job-hunting skills, demonstrating soft skills, awareness of supportive programs, and knowledge of effective financial practices (e.g., budgeting, credit score). 

Each of these short-term outcomes, though they may seem simple, help to prepare our families for the road towards financial stability. Below we will review how our partners are doing towards our short-term outcomes by presenting highlights of our Quarter 2 Impact Numbers.

Impact Area: Financial Literacy

Our goal, in this first phase of funding, for our Financial Literacy partners is to track the number of participants who increase their knowledge of financial literacy practices and implement sound financial practices. Our Financial Literacy partners reporting the following data as part of their Q2 reports:

21% of individuals took advantage of financial literacy courses or coaching programs

6% of individuals COMPLETED financial literacy courses or coaching programs

46% of families grew savings/assets by decreasing debt, increasing asset ownership, improving credit score and/or creating and following a budget

We know that families who have financial literacy skills will be able to make wise financial choices. By linking families to products, education, and services, they will start to build the financial tools and resources they need to make wise financial choices and progress down the path to financial stability. 

Impact Area: Underemployment

Our goal with Underemployment is to count the number of participants who are enrolled in job training programs. Our Underemployment partners reporting the following data as part of their Quarter 2 Reports:

37% of participants are enrolled in and/or completed job training program(s) for jobs available in the local market

29% of individuals enrolled in a G.E.D., vocational degree, certificate, or credential program and/or earn relevant licenses, certificate, degree, or credential

20% of individuals served who gained employment with a livable wage and/or increased their wages

Individuals who are working, but do not make enough to support their families will benefit from programs that connect them with the knowledge and skills to start on a sustainable career path and gain employment with a livable wage or increase their wages. 


Our second quarter of reporting has made it clear that we are on the right track to addressing poverty and financial stability in York County. We must understand that it is a long road to stability, with many stops along the way. By meeting our clients at the starting line, continuing to serve our Target Population, and being sure they are getting access to the resources they need along the way, we can confidently continue our work knowing that these families are on the road to being financially stable by 2030- one step at a time.

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