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Frequently Asked Questions

What does United Way of York County, SC (UWYC) do?
What is the relationship between United Way of York County, SC and United Way Worldwide?
I don’t use any of the agencies’ programs, so why should I give through United Way?
How do I know that my dollars are being spent most effectively when I give to United Way?
How do you ensure that the agencies you fund are financially secure and sustainable?
How much should I give?
Can I be billed directly for my gift?
How do you decide how much money a United Way funded partner receives each year? What is the Grants Process?
Wouldn’t giving directly to the agencies cut out the overhead costs and expense of United Way?
Who does UWYC serve?
If I stop working or change companies, what happens to my payroll deduction pledge?
How can I contribute to United Way?

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