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Supportive Services on the Path to Financial Stability


United Way of York County’s mission is to help 3,000 York County families achieve financial stability by 2030.

Issues surrounding financial uncertainty impacts over half of the adults in the American public. In York County, 20% of working families with at least one worker live below the federal poverty level.

York County residents’ specific financial stability needs motivated United Way to work with community organizations to create opportunities that focus on a greater understanding of financial literacy. However, access to critical financial literacy resources comes with many obstacles. UWYC is addressing these barriers, specifically in the area of supportive services.

Supportive services are services provided to help individuals enhance their way of living and to achieve self-sufficiency within communities.

By assisting with monthly supportive services, such as childcare, adult care, and after-school care, we support families along a path to financial stability. Parents and caregivers are gifted the freedom of time to pursue employment and add to their income. Partnering with and creating supportive services in the surrounding York area expands access to information and education on financial responsibilities.

Additionally, UWYC focuses on expanding access to educational tools for the community. Some of the frequently used resources and supportive services that promote financial literacy are:

211, an online tool used to connect individuals with access to information and resources on health, housing, and financial issues. This resource puts individuals in touch with essential community services to meet everyday needs and crisis needs. For more information about how 211 can be a supportive service, visit

VITA, a program that provides free income tax assistance for York County residents. Our expert volunteers help file state and federal income taxes at no cost, all while making sure individuals get the most out of their return. Those additional funds throughout the year, in addition to tax credits a family may not realize they qualify for, can make a big difference in helping a family achieve financial stability.

United Way of York County has also released innovative programs and supportive services to provide residents with opportunities to strengthen their financial security.

One of these supportive services is the annual event, Connecting the Dots.

Connecting the Dots is a half-day conference that connects community members with job opportunities, local resources, career development, financial education, and more. At this conference, attendees are encouraged to network and discover ways to start or propel their careers. Through this supportive service, United Way York County grants residents a means to overcome unemployment barriers and secure a steady income.

Another tool recently offered by United Way York County is the Money Works Program.

This program facilitates lessons on financial literacy topics such as debt, credit, and saving during a crisis. Money Works allows participants to learn through videos and workbooks. Participants then complete assessments to gauge retention and understanding of subject material. Once students conclude the lessons, they are connected with a personal financial coach to continue their financial literacy journey.

As the United Way of York County established the bold goal of financial stability, providing educational tools to residents followed suit. Financial literacy requires access to supportive services so that residents can equip themselves with the knowledge on how to work toward a financially secure lifestyle

Considering that over half of the American public faces uncertain financial situations, bridging the gap between individuals and supportive services allows people to pursue financial stability. Supportive services are essential support pillars for the community, especially when grappling with the more challenging financial issues of the present day.

United Way of York County serves as a pillar to the community as we continue after our Bold Goal of helping 3,000 York County families achieve financial stability by 2030.

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