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United Way of York County, SC (UWYC) and Pathways Community Center roll out an innovative system that helps York County residents more effectively connect to community resources.

United Way of York County, SC and Pathways Community Center today announced a groundbreaking new partnership with Unite Us, the enterprise technology company connecting health and social care. Together, United Way and Pathways Community Center will leverage Unite Us’ technology to securely send and receive referrals and track outcomes in a person-centered model.

This first-of-its-kind partnership helps usher in an era of value-based care in York County, SC.  By combining United Way’s community connections and information referral system with best-in-class technology, and Pathway’s collaboration with local service providers, we can ensure residents are continuing to get the assistance they need without falling through the cracks.

The continuity of a single intake and tracking system will allow us to serve individuals through all stages on their path out of poverty. While our missions both focus on serving individuals and families struggling with stability, Pathways specializes in serving the homeless population and UWYC is focused on the working population that still struggles to make ends meet. Together we can assist at any stage of an individual’s journey to self-sufficiency. 

Summersby Okey, Vice President of Collective Impact at United Way of York County said, “We are so excited to kick off this partnership that has been years in the making. The Unite Us system will allow us to not only continue to connect those in need with resources, but also to track data and outcomes related to community needs. These enhanced services will improve our existing infrastructure and enable us to seek funding to support new and innovative interventions for all in York County.”

Pathways is proud to partner with United Way on this innovative technology. As leaders in convening service providers, they understand the importance of collaboration and data-driven decision-making. Alex Greenawalt, Executive Director at Pathways Community Center, expressed her excitement, stating, “We’re finally at a place where we can begin to track impactful and measurable outcomes with the help of the software tools within Unite Us. The ability to capture real-time data and improve referral communications between cross-collaborative sectors has been a missing piece from the start.” This partnership with Unite Us and United Way of York County marks a significant step towards improving our community’s quality of life and ensuring everyone has access to the services they need.

This continuum of care model has far-reaching impact for multiple reasons:

  • Ability to collaborate to better serve individuals, understand community needs, and invest in services.
  • Identify coordination center best practices and referral standards.
  • Strengthen referral responsiveness and improved outcomes.
  • Identify gaps in care and funding and address them through new partnerships and differentiated funding streams.

UWYC, Pathways, and Unite Us are aligned both in their missions and values and see a tremendous opportunity to strengthen our referral network, provide seamless care for our residents, and track the impact of our work.

“Together, United Way of York County and Pathways Community Center is extending our reach, amplifying our collective impact, and transforming social care. There’s strength in numbers. And when organizations come together, it’s even easier for people to get connected to the care they need.” – Rebecca Melton, President

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