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Q3 Bold Goal Update


Quarter Three Impact Report Summary

United Way of York County has a Bold Goal to help 3,000 York County families achieve financial stability by 2030. As part of that Bold Goal, UWYC provided Financial Stability Partner Grants to 13 agencies for the 2020-21 funding cycle from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021. United Way of York County’s Financial Stability partners have served 1,111 individuals in York County so far this funding cycle, from July 1, 2020- March 30, 2021. They have served clients in three specific areas: Financial Literacy, Workforce Development/Underemployment, and Supportive Services.


UWYC’s Financial Literacy partners have served 342 individuals this funding cycle. Our goal, in this first phase of funding, is for our Financial Literacy partners to track the number of participants who increase their knowledge of financial literacy practices and implement sound financial practices.

  • In pursuit of that goal, 221 individuals took advantage of a financial literacy course or coaching, and 81% of those completed that course or coaching program.
  • 29% of families in the financial literacy impact area decreased their debt, 15% increased asset ownership, and 11% improved their (self-reported) credit score.
  • 60% signed up for an income maintenance program and 30% created or are following a budget, and are therefore increasing their knowledge and skills in the area of financial literacy.

By linking families to products, education, and services, we can see that they will start to build the financial tools and resources they need to make wise financial choices and progress down the path to financial stability.


Our goal with Underemployment is to count the number of participants who are enrolled in job training programs in order to increase their wages. UWYC’s Underemployment partners served 264 individuals.

  • 96 individuals enrolled in a vocational degree or credential program.
  • 45% of those enrolled earned a relevant license, certificate, degree, or credential so far in the funding cycle.
  • 17% of those served in the unemployment impact area gained employment with a livable wage and 13% increased their wages.

Individuals who are working, but do not make enough to support their families will benefit from programs that connect them with the knowledge and skills to start on a sustainable career path and gain employment with a livable wage or increase their wages.


One step in making sure we are on the path to meeting our Bold Goal, is ensuring we are serving the right clients. The UWYC staff identified a Target Population, or a set of individuals who we feel have the potential to go from surviving to thriving. All programs funded by UWYC’s Financial Stability initiative must include at least one of the following: Individuals who are low income (up to 200% Federal Poverty Level) or living in poverty; Individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, or not earning income at the Self-Sufficiency Standard for family size.  

Across the board, UWYC’s partners continue to serve the Target Population. The table below demonstrates that UWYC’s population served has a larger concentration of those in poverty than the county as a whole. This means the agencies are correctly recruiting and providing services to those who most need them.

Educational AttainmentPopulation 25 years and over; less than 9th grade, 9th to 12th grade, no diploma9.2%14%
Population 16 years and over; “Unemployed” (excludes students)3.4%30%
Income Below $25,000Households with income below $25,00016.2%50%

We must understand that it is a long road to stability, with many stops along the way. By meeting our clients at the starting line, continuing to serve our Target Population, and being sure they are getting access to the resources they need along the way, we can confidently continue our work. We encourage you to join us in helping our community achieve financial stability for 3,000 of our neighbors by 2030.

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