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Free Prescription Drug Card

FamilyWize is a free prescription drug card available to everyone. This program can be used to obtain savings on prescription drugs that are excluded by your insurance plan or are not covered because you have exceeded your insurances plan's maximum limits.  In some instance, you might find that the FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card's price is lower than your program's co-payment amount. In addition, if your insurance plan does not offer you a drug card and you are reimbursed after each transaction, you may be able to use the FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card to lower your out-of-pocket expenses.

Simply print the card and take it to your pharmacy.  For more information, including participating pharmacies and prescription costs, please visit the FamilyWize website.

IT'S FREE: This free resource from FamilyWize will allow individuals and families in your community have access to more affordable prescription medication. The program is free, easy to implement, and can benefit anyone who is uninsured or simply has high medication costs. Use this FamilyWize card to start saving money on your prescription drugs today.

IT'S EASY: Simply present your card and prescription to a participating pharmacy to obtain the discounted price. You always receive the lowest price possible- whether it be the FamilyWize price, insurance price or retail price.

HOW MUCH YOU SAVE: The average savings is about 40% per prescription. However, this is an average. Take your prescription with your savings card to a participating pharmacy and the pharmacist can tell you how much the medicine will cost with and without the use of the card.

NO RESTRICTIONS: Everyone is eligible and can benefit from FamilyWize. Your friends, family members, and co-workers can all use your card to receive prescription assistance. Use your card as often as you need, for any prescription, for everyone in your family. There is no income limit, age requirement or eligibility required.

Find, manage, and compare drug costs to save on your prescriptions with the tool below.