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Why United Way of York County, SC?

We're glad you asked...

When you invest in United Way of York County, SC, your donation is combined with those of your neighbors, giving you the power to change lives today and in the future.  Your generosity supports local programs that are effectively addressing the basic, essential needs of individuals, families and neighbors here in York County.

No other organization has the scope and expertise to bring together our community's businesses, organizations, volunteers, government, faith community, private foundations and a network of health and human service agencies around a shared vision.  By focusing the best people, latest research and innovative practices around achieving measurable results, we maximize the impact of your gift.

What happens to them matters to you.  Your futures are intertwined.

Many children do not move successfully from kindergarten through high school graduation.  That impacts all of us.

Many people are not financially stable.  That impacts all of us.

Not all people, homes and communities are safe.  That impacts all of us.

Without an education, financial self-sufficiency is a challenge and access to healthcare is daunting.  Education, Financial Stability and Health- they are all connected.

You have more power than you think- yes, the needs are great, but there are solutions, and you have a stake in making them happen.

Ways to Give

Directly to United Way of York County
For those who are retired, not affiliated with a company, or whose company does not participate in a United Way workplace campaign, we offer opportunities to give to United Way on an individual basis.

Mail your donation to:
United Way of York County, SC
P.O. Box 925
Rock Hill, SC  29731

Stop by our office:
226 Northpark Drive, Suite 100
Rock Hill, SC

Or give safely and securely online.
Donate Now

Through your workplace
If your employer runs a United Way workplace campaign, giving through payroll deduction is a simple and efficient option.  Please check with your employer to learn more about your workplace campaign.

If you live in York County but pledge through a different United Way, please remember to designate your gift back to your local United Way- United Way of York County, SC.  Give Where You Live.  Ask your campaign coordinator or call our office at (803) 3324-2735 for more information.

No workplace campaign in your office?  Talk with James about how your office can LIVE UNITED.

Don't see what you're looking for?
If you have any questions about donating, or if you want to give through another method, call us at (803) 324-2735 or email our Data Specialist at