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Volunteer Exchange

United Way of York County is an organization that works to ensure everyone has the education, financial stability, and health needed to be self-sufficient and give back to their community. Our hope is to ignite the spirit of volunteerism throughout our county with likeminded individuals who are aligned with this mission.

Volunteerism is among the three core drivers of our work and is crucial to our vision. The Volunteer Exchange positions United Way as a one-stop-shop for short- and long-term projects for those passionate about making our community a better place for us all.

Among the advantages of the Volunteer Exchange is that individuals will be able to review a variety of opportunities at a glance and connect with the opportunity that best suits their needs.  Additionally, residents, students, community and church-based groups will be able to review opportunities to contribute to and support United Way funded agencies in their community. 

Please complete the form below to submit your upcoming volunteer project:

Brief description of project activity; including date(s), time(s), location, frequency of project.